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Landart site

Visit the extensive landart site concieved and created by Edie Ballantine. Wander through 1 hectare of tranquil garden with it's gentle stream trickling in the background.

Picnic in the garden

Enjoy a romantic evening picnic in the garden or a lazy long sunny lunchtime picnic with friends in one of our romatic tents. 

Café Boutique

Situated at the entrance is our Café Boutique where you can drink a café gourmand or infusion while you browse the gifts and range of recycled stationery.

Micro Gallery DIX

Micro Gallerie DIX is a new compact exhibition space for unique international exhibits in a variety of mediums. This year amongst the exhibitions we are featuring an exhibition of Wire cartoons from South Africa, photographs by New York photographer Jean-Marie Guyaux, photographs of flowers from the movies by Jenny Tobin of London, RHS winning London based photographer Matt Anker's  New perennial garden phootographs.

Map & tarifs

Entrance to garden                                  

€3.50 adult  €2.50 Student

Entrance to garden plus Café/Juice     

€4.50 adult  €3.50 Student


Entrance to garden with ticket from Chapel St Vigor                              

€2.50 adult  €2.00 Student

Entrance to garden with ticket from Chapel St Vigor plus Café/Juice €3.50 adult  €3.00 Student


Picnic in garden with tent (12.00-14.00 or 18.30-21.00)

2 adults and 2 children   €15.00

2 adults                             €10.00


Exhibitions at Micro gallery DIX 



Access to the garden and gallery

We are located at:

Saint Vigor de Mieux

Saint Martin de Mieux

(Next to Chapelle Saint Vigor)


Contact us today!

JUNE 2015

Open Saturday and Sunday 14.00 - 18.00


July - September 24

Open Tuesday - SUnday

14.00 - 18.00


Outside these hours visits to the garden by appointment please call:

02 31 20 56 88


07 80 42 09 77


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